Within the Workflow Designer you can add tables, allowing for the information gathered by your mobile users to be seen in a table format on the job sheet. 

To do this you will need to add a sub workflow that will have the fields required for the table, including the tag names. If you do not know how to create a workflow, please see the article on Workflow Designer. 

Once you have created the table workflow, go back to the workflow you want to add the table to.

You then need to create a step in the workflow for the table adding the field type as a table, select the sub workflow as the one you have created with the table information in. The tag names need to be added, exactly the same as the tag names you created in the table workflow, you might find it easier to open this in a separate window so that you can refer back. 

The column names will be what the you will seen on the jobs overview page and the .pdf. Finally the App Column Tag Names can only be 2 names and this is a small summary of what the mobile user will see on their device when the all the information is collected. 

Once you have completed this you can then carry on building your workflow. 

The table will be seen on the mobile device as this....

Select 'Open Table' and the + button at the top of the page and you will get the sub workflow you created. Enter the details. When you have finished select the arrow to move on. 

You will the see a summary of what has been entered. 

The pen in the top right hand corner will edit the table, so you can delete if not required by selected the X. 

To carry on with the rest of the workflow select the arrow in the top lefthand corner and this will take you to the rest of the workflow. 

When the job has been completed the job overview will look like this:

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