My Account

When you select the cog symbol on the righthand side of the screen, you will get the option to open My Account. 

Once opened you will see 3 tabs, Account Settings, Live Map Settings and Planner Settings. 

In the Account settings you will be able to change your details and password. 

In the Live map settings you can change the location viewed on the map, you can zoom in and out and decided what you want to be shown on the Live Map page. 

Finally in the planner settings you can change your business hours to match that of the business, hide non business times so you don't need to search through times when people don't work. Also if you select the 'only show checked in Resources' this will remove all Resources that are currently checked out on the planner.  

If you want to see a certain amount of days on the planner for the unallocated jobs, put this figure into the 'Use dynamic day range for planner unallocated'. 

Lastly, if you have a job that is planned but has gone passed the time this should have been completed without starting the job if you have 'Colour code resource with overdue jobs' selected then the name of the Resource that has missed this job will be shown in red.  

To log out of the system select the cog symbol and go to log out. 

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