Insiris Help Center and Academy Training Portal

Help Desk

How to ask for help, change requests and new features

1 article

Getting Started

Everything you need to know to get up and running with Unity

6 articles

Insights List

List of all Insights in the Unity system, with breakdown of how to run them

22 articles

Unity's Live Views

Learn how to use Unity's Live Maps to show Resources and Jobs

6 articles

Managing Unity

Everything from setting up Users, Groups, access control and more

7 articles

Designing Work

Transform those paper sheets to jobs and learn how to design workflows

6 articles

Managing Jobs

Create, Dispatch and monitor jobs sent to workers in the field

7 articles

Asset Management

Learn how to manage assets, cases, stock and inventory

3 articles

Realtime Updates

Let Unity take the pain out of keeping up to date with realtime rules and SMS

3 articles

Reports & Dashboards

Gain Insight - with Insights! Learn how to build Dashboards and run reports

5 articles

Advanced Features

Power Users welcome! Learn the more advanced features of Unity here

7 articles